Mai I Propri (Aequusol, BRUMA MMXX)



Stills from video: Andrea Straccini

“We must establish a sense of belonging, of interdependence […] and finally, we have to build bridges inside ourselves” György Kepes, Language of Vision

In this next installment of Aequusol, sound artist Fabio Perletta’s growing phrase concludes the year of 2020 from within the walls of a deserted farmhouse. Perletta conceives this work as a decentralized system of intelligence - the ability to share and consider feelings, thoughts, and decisions, while inhabiting several locations at once. Following the webbings of remote exchanges, he summons an organic entity, made up of voices and distant sounds, to flow and accumulate within the house managed in his care.

“...mai i propri... [never their own]” refers to the offering of the abandoned dwelling as a virtual meeting ground, where bodiless presences transcend the barriers of impossibility to gather and repopulate an empty space. Perletta will spatialize and interfere with the incoming data sent digitally from far away participants by revealing the very early stages of home restoration: sweeping, burning, rearranging. As the night draws nearer, the heat and light of the fires glowing in the rooms will define the perimeters to these new circles of affection. The artist reflects on the consequences of loss during periods of transition and physical distance, to evoke a haunting and a moment of dematerialized embodiment that can stimulate a new beginning.

In a world ruled by profit, efficiency and shareable achievements, Perletta creates a place for human’s primordial needs and neglected emotional sides to exist, and coexist, not organized, without an apparent logic. Cognitive processes, subjective experiences, expressive behaviors, all in their purest form, gather in a multi-layered fabric of spacetime where the virtual and corporeal dimensions blend together. A body is de-materialized, while the feelings it emanates are amplified through sound to encounter and fuse with other transitory presences. This ephemeral, alternative staging of the world opens up in front of the artist’s sight, a prototype place undergoing its own process of redemption.

In order to contribute to the performance, participants are asked to send a voice message or a written word via whatsapp to the artist's number +393289276841, starting from now and especially on Saturday 19 December from 15:30 to 16:30, performance time. The message must contain a voice that pronounces a word, a letter, even badly pronounced or made up, a short-lived cacophonic sound or a noise that refers to the following themes: absence, interdependence within the human species, the dream, love, memory, rebirth, refuge, fear and everything that emerges from the irrational sphere. Each participant can send more than one contribution, without any limit.

Winter Solstice 2020 and beyond

The conclusive rituals of this inaugural year of Aequusol reverberate the faint communications emitted by Canis lupus. In a series of interventions scattered throughout the Winter season, Pollinaria hosts a huddle of digital and in-person encounters to expound upon topics of refuge, belonging, rebirth, and interdependence within the human species. Windows, glowing with fire, conceal the scene of this physical and virtual exchange occurring within a deserted farmhouse, immersed in the reawakening rays of Sol Invictus. After the longest darkness, the Sun returns vital and invincible over gloom, days reveal themselves longer and brighter again. Distant voices, fractured in their solitude, chime in unison through the work of sound artist Fabio Perletta, three explorers of the human genus and the independent bookmakers CTRL. A shelter, a place conceived for love and togetherness is reinhabited by the waves of converging sentiments, where an intangible community forms for a moment, everlasting.

BRUMA MMXX will be experienced through and rebel incursions in a derelict farmhouse from Saturday 19 December 2020.


First instalment of my yearly residency as part of Pollinaria's Aequusol MMXX project. My sonic interventions began with a parallel story of a seed; a journey, and a predicament in meeting its flower, as additional characters per event carried and provided new layers of meaning.
A sentence was gradually unraveled through the four transitional events of the year marked by Solstice and Equinox.



4ch system, laptop, 2 microphones, broom, found objects, fire

Exhibition History

Abandoned farmhouse
Civitella Casanova (IT)
21 December 2020



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