Resistenza (with Seventh Sense Art Group)



The installation appears provocative and irreverent, showing an incandescent electric resistance inserted on a stone. But, over the desecrating aspect, the attention is addressed to the principle of resistance, consisting on the opposition of two forces, two poles, the negative and the positive one, both symbols of two different and conflicting ideology.

The stone is the symbol of the mountain, theatre of the Partisan Resistance, but also milestone of the memory, involved by the warmth and historic attendance to the event. If you come closer to it, you can still feel that energy, renewed and able to generate new resistances. The fundamental of resistance is in the solidity of the stone, the truth where art, science and wish for freedom are engaged, in a scenario of unification and sympathy.

The truth produces freedom, freedom produces unification and sympathy. On the contrary, supremacy produces constriction, lack of freedom. It’s the lack of freedom that really causes resistance, basically different from terrorism, typical of the absence of love. In addition to the truth, freedom represents a primary value for mankind.


Electric Resistance, Stone, 2ch Sound System
Duration: 2'00'', loop
Dimension: 50 x 30 x 25 cm (W x H  x D)

Exhibition History

Giardini Fresia (Cuneo, IT)
Zooart Festival
1—18 July 2010
22 January 2012

Curated by Zooart


Resistenza: Seventh Sense Art Group
Sound: Fabio Perletta