Voices From Your Future Past

Augmented Sound Installation / Multichannel Concert


Spatial Notations


Video Documentation (Augmented Sound Installation)

Video Documentation (Multichannel Concert)

"Voices From Your Future Past" is a sound installation and sound work which uses the voice as a compositional instrument reflecting upon shadows and presences in virtual technologies and their aural construction. It has been presented as a multi-channel concert and an augmented reality sound installation in public space.


Modern architectures and technologies are vessels which ingurgitate the chaos of history, equally creating spaces and metaspaces where destruction, decay and ideas of ‘the new’ construct a plot to promise eternal growth, forget the past, to hide the future from its own present, approaching the virtual and the perpetual.

This work aims to acknowledge and evoke the sense of disconnection we have experienced in the virtual worlds in which we have been forced to live and communicate, particularly in the last years. Voices From Your Future Past confronts the audience with the irreality of a digital presence, despite the human desire and necessity to connect with it.

In the space, Janvin’s voice traverses and bends the boundaries between the sensible, the intelligible and the sensitive nature of music. Stark, condensed bursts of microsounds give way to choral plateaus, resisting the temptation of signification, abstracting words from meaning and voices from bodies.

"Voices from your future Past" is conceived by sound artists and composers Davide Luciani, Fabio Perletta, and spatial sound artist Jordan Juras in collaboration with Norwegian artist and singer Stine Janvin. It is curated by Daniela Arriado and produced by Art Republic and Mote Studio.

The work is presented by Son.AR, a collective and curatorial-research project dedicated to aural research in relation to mixed media realities, sonic arts and public spaces.


Smartphone (Installation)
Speakers (Multichannel Concert)

Exhibition History

Oslo Public Space
Ultima Festival, Oslo, NO
16 September 2021 — Present

Multichannel Concert
Oslo, NO

16 September 2021


Created by Davide Luciani, Fabio Perletta, Jordan Juras and Stine Janvin

Presented by Son.AR 
Curated by Daniela Arriado
Produced by Art Republic, Mote Studio
Co-produced by Ultima Festival
Text: Lottie Sebes, Davide Luciani
Sound Recordings: Jordan Juras, Davide Luciani
Production: Art Republic, Mote Studio, Ultima Festival 
Production Assistant: Silje Anette Teigen

Multichannel Concert
Sound and spatial composition: Davide Luciani, Fabio Perletta
Voice: Stine Janvin

Augmented Sound Installation 
Concept: Davide Luciani, Fabio Perletta, Jordan Juras
Sound Composition: Davide Luciani, Fabio Perletta
Spatial Composition: Jordan Juras
Curation: Daniela Arriado
UI Development: Mauro Ferrario

Supported by Istituto Italiano di Cultura Oslo, Koro, Forbundsrepublikken Tyskland Ambassade Oslo




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