Nessun Legame Con La Polvere



Room40 (AU)
Cat.No. RM4208
CD + 8pp Booklet + Insert
Edition: 300
Releases: 17 November 2023

Liner Notes

This release borrows its title ‘Nessun Legame con la Polvere’ (No Attachment To Dust) from a Zen story as well as from a small wooden box, namely one of ten sculptures of my project ‘I Fiori Non Vedono Mai I Propri Semi’ (Flowers Don't Ever See Their Own Seeds). This artwork was exhibited in 2020 at Pollinaria’s forest, Italy as part of Aequusol Autumnus MMXX. The exhibition had no sound.

It is now clear that life, the matter we are made of, and the objects we use every day cannot be considered entities in their own right but rather as relationships between these things, the way they affect each other. Even their own tangibility and particular properties are nothing but the way they influence and act on other things. It is a perspective that quantum physics has adopted for many years, but also the basis of our biology, of our feelings.

When we perceive the world we establish a strictly localised perspective which in turn can generate a more extended and widespread resonance within and around us. ‘Nessun Legame con la Polvere’ is a web of mutual influences; encounters that come and go forever; sounds that intersect with others in unpredictable ways, fragments sedimented over time and resurfaced, personal happenings that unwittingly steered the rudder towards one course rather than another.

‘Nessun Legame con la Polvere’ is a meditation on lost friends, death and its counterpart, the extraordinary force of life. Although the title of this work seems to betray what I have stated so far, it is in its paradoxical, bizarre riddle that I learnt to really appreciate the value of things. I embraced a perspective that contemplates life's complexity in a broader sense, without looking for a purpose, an alleged answer to our existence, a meaning or God. Having no attachment to dust opens up to possibilities, it welcomes likelihoods.

I hope that this work can generate some light while listening, and create new relationships between you and the shadows of the world, their ripples and little openings, between the infinitely small and the unknowable vastity of the universe.

このリリースのタイトル「Nessun Legame con la Polvere(埃に執着しない)」は、禅の物語と、私のプロジェクト「I Fiori Non Vedono Mai I Propri Semi(花は自分の種を見ない)」の10個の彫刻のうちの1つである小さな木箱から引用している。この作品は2020年、イタリアのポリナリアの森でAequusol Autumnus MMXXの一環として展示された。この展覧会には音がなかった。


世界を認識するとき、私たちは厳密に局所化された視点を確立する。『Nessun Legame con la Polvere』は、相互影響の網の目である。永遠に行ったり来たりする出会い、予測不可能な方法で他と交差する音、時間の経過とともに沈殿し、再浮上する断片、知らず知らずのうちに舵を別のコースではなく、あるコースに向けた個人的な出来事。

『Nessun Legame con la Polvere』は、失われた友人、死、そしてそれと対をなす生命の並外れた力についての瞑想である。この作品のタイトルは、私がこれまで述べてきたことを裏切っているようだが、私はその逆説的で奇妙な謎解きの中で、物事の価値を本当に理解することを学んだ。私は、目的、私たちの存在に対する答え、意味や神を求めることなく、より広い意味で人生の複雑さを熟考する視点を受け入れた。塵に執着しないことは、可能性を開き、可能性を歓迎する。



Composed 2017—2023 in Japan and Italy.

Cover photo by Naoki Iida. Booklet photos by Fabio Perletta. Text editor: Lottie Sebes. Mastered by Lawrence English. Design by Traianos Pakioufakis.

Thank you to Lawrence English, Naoki Iida, Matteo Meloni, Luigi Turra, Vittorio Guindani, Rossano Polidoro, Lorenzo Balloni, Lottie Sebes, Davide Luciani, Sara D’Uva, Marta De Pascalis, Rossella Angelozzi, Genovino Ferri, Gaetano Carboni and Pollinaria.

To the great souls of Luigi Pagliarini (1963–2023) and Andrea Gabriele (1981–2015). Thank you for our friendship.


Borrowing its title (translated as ‘No Attachment To Dust’) from a Zen story, Fabio Perletta concocts an immersive sound world of earthy textures and resonant memories. Metallic scrapes morph into haunted echoes that keep watch for sharp timbres to emerge before dissolving into a slow-moving melancholic sea. Piano notes hang in the balance, ghosts in the air awaiting any sort of indication of whether they are coming or going. Perletta’s minimal arrangement searches the stillness for a place to reflect and remember. It’s poignant, as Perletta meditates on the forces of life as he finds moments of light and beauty in surprising places. 

Brad E. Rose, Foxy Digitalis

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