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Quark: How Does The Invisible Sound?
Artists: Nicolas Bernier, TeZ, Mimosa Moize, Fabio Perletta

901 Editions (IT)
Cat.No. Q04
Digital, Unlimited Edition
Released 27th May 2014


Liner Notes

“Art does not reproduce what is visible, it makes things visible”
Paul Klee

Quark: How Does The Invisible Sound? is a media project born with the specific intent of exploring the possible inter-relationship between sound and the invisible, strictly related to science and physics. It relies on monthly digital releases and a MaxMSP custom software called Cconfin, inspired by elementary particles interactions and a physical phenomenon known as Colour Confinement. The software allows the artists and musicians involved to seek and discover their own vision of the invisible through sound by treating and processing audio files via custom algorithms. Presented as a collection of digital graphic cards and heterogeneous sound art pieces, the research aims to find a deep connection as close as possible to the boundary of knowledge. An attempt at quantum sound in a not-visible yet perceptible world.


Fabio Perletta: Artistic Direction, Graphic Design
Ennio Mazzon: Cconfin Custom Software

Media partners: Ripples Recordings, Nephogram, Flussi Media Arts Festival, Dragon's Eye Recordings, Crónica, Hawái., A Closer Listen, Optofonica, Infinite Grain.