I Fiori (Aequusol, AESTAS MMXX)



In his cohesion with Pollinaria, Perletta takes the slowness, cyclic nature, and seemingly indecipherability of the vegetal realm to drastically expand the capacity of artwork through time. The body of work will reveal itself over an extended period of time (a solar year) by means of a series of sonic interventions, challenging participants to question their embodied experience within a natural context.

Two concepts, forces, against one another, yet at an equal pace, the beginning of a developing phrase, ”i fiori…“ is uttered by a voice buried in a forest, beneath an ancient oak. Following deviating paths, reflecting the ridged curves of fallen walnuts, wind topples over the carcasses of an old plantation taken over by the wilderness. As participants walk along the first increment of a growing track through the forest, bituminaria bituminosa guide them to the site of the installation. The sound, its source removed from sight, signals a change, pushing listeners into an experience of focused attention, observing sound and the surrounding environment through embodied listening. Sound bends, moving through abstractions of this complex landscape, where death and life have blended together, emerging as the same. There is a strong sense that gravity has been questioned by life, what it means for a flower to grow vertically, towards the sun, a strength and bitterness in the mesh of sounds that make a forest full, new and dead.


In AESTAS MMXX, under the influence of Potamon fluviatile, Pollinaria continues its investigation of the human’s embedded perspective within nature. Collapsing coordinates corresponding to intimate connections, drawing attention to dimensions of mythology, practice, and curiosity, Pollinaria seeks to engage a primordial rhythm revealing an index of place, where the human can observe itself entangled within the fabric of nature.

Recipients of the keys sent from Pollinaria will enter portals of deep consideration, following paths of inquiry led by researchers from the realm of nature. The confluence of this knowledge seeking process and renewed observation gathers at a sonic intervention by artist Fabio Perletta. Pollinaria features researcher of wilderness Beatrice Capone, artist Harriet Matzdorf, historian, writer, and co-founder of CTRL Books Alessandro Monaci who will present recent titles with director Nicola Feninno.

In the year 2020, Pollinaria launches a distinctive participatory experience to mark the passage of seasons: decoding the data of the landscape to investigate future rural perspectives. Focusing on the scientific, ritualistic, sonic and textual elements that shape currents of cultivated and wild activity, the local community will join agricultural and arts practitioners in speculating rural potential.

Aequusol, combines latin words to describe the emergence of dawn and its departure from night at the equilibrial axis that parts rest and activity, a moment of energetic stasis. Aequusol uses these four transitional points of the year to center the activities that are constantly occurring and fluctuating in value here at Pollinaria. Each celestial episode is totemically represented by a mythological entity blurred into reality and history by it’s fantam-like presence across the particular landscape as well as the region.


First instalment of my yearly residency as part of Pollinaria's Aequusol MMXX project. My sonic interventions began with a parallel story of a seed; a journey, and a predicament in meeting its flower, as additional characters per event carried and provided new layers of meaning. A sentence was gradually unraveled through the four transitional events of the year marked by Solstice and Equinox.



4 buried speakers (2 asynchronous compositions)
Sounds: broken branches, falling stones, voices

Exhibition History

Ancient oak in the forest
Pollinaria, Civitella Casanova (IT)

20 June 2020



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